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Finally, things are moving... A new release, which was actually planned for Netlabel Day, so we're nearly a month late but alas, what is time anyway? Out now, [bleak053] Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt's return to Bleak with a 20 minute Accidental Guitar track.
Bleak is participating in the Netlabel Day 2015 on July 14th. We will announce a couple of releases - if we manage to finish them in time ;-)
While we are already preparing our next vinyl release (more on that soon) we are quite happy with how well our first one went! Destiny Drive is of course still available, and Konstruktivists have been playing a couple of shows, and there are more to be announced soon!

While we are preparing everything for shipping Konstruktivists' "Destiny Drive" album, here are some other news:

We are in contact with Cultural Amnesia to work on upcoming releases! Very much looking forward to that!

Also, a compilation of live recordings is out soon - throughout the last years Bleak has invited numerous bands to play in Vienna, and we have a lot of recordings from these shows... this will be a nice one! And you know what? It will be a free download.

Konstruktivists' brand new album "Destiny Drive" is now available for preorder, find different bundles in the store!

Click here to get to the Bleak store!

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