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Ring The Hungry Bell comprises four tracks recorded 1982/3.
They are taken from the double album of 1980s material Press My Hungry Button, now available at CA’s Bandcamp. The EP comes with a video for the track ‘Hot in the house’, written for CA by John Balance.
The video features mailart and other images by Balance. An EP of new material, Agile Business Practices, will be out on Bleak very shortly.
Also available on Bleak: Bad Meditation (2015), Still Hungry (2015), This Is Not Your Shape (2011).

Release page

Another release by bleak's favourite band, this time an instrumental only album.


Finally it is done, Fear Incorporateds brand new album out now on CD on Bleak.

Follow the link below!


November news

We are very happy to announce two very special releases. First up, the next release from Cultural Amnesia, Laments, probably the darkest ever songs from them.

Then, finally, at last, Fear Incorporated present "Cloak And Dagger", for both download and as a very special promo package, more of that in the very next days.

We are also preparing a couple of further releases, and the roadmap for 2017 looks very, very good.

Out now: Cultural Amnesia's next release on Bleak, "Agile Business Practices" - four track EP, including two videos. Free download in MP3 and FLAC formats

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